Xatral Xl 10 - Sanofi Aventis


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient: Alfuzosin
Pack: 30 Tabs x 10 Mg


XATRAL XL is a round, three-ply tablet containing the active ingredient alfuzosin HCl and has a white layer between the two yellow layers. One tablet contains 10 mg of active ingredient. The blister contains 30 tablets.
XATRAL XL belongs to a group of drugs called alpha 1 blockers, called benign prostatic enlargement that causes the prostate gland to become larger than normal.
used to treat the symptoms of the condition. Benign prostate enlargement often presents with a feeling of urgent and urgent need for urination, difficulty in urine flow at the beginning of voiding, poor urine flow, and the need to urinate at midnight. Xatral XL relaxes smooth muscles in the prostate gland and neck of the bladder. Relaxation of these muscles will improve the symptoms of urination.
Your doctor may have prescribed you XATRAL XL because benign growth of your prostate gland has been detected and you have complaints of urination.


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