Glucobay 50mg - Bayer Schering


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient: Acarbose
Pack: 90 Tab x 50 Mg


GLUCOBAY® is available in tablet form and each tablet contains 50 mg of acarbose.
Acarbose, the active ingredient of GLUCOBAY®, is an alpha glucosidase inhibitor. GLUCOBAY® is a drug used in the oral treatment of diabetes. It acts by inhibiting the effect of the enzyme that breaks down sugars in the small intestine. Thus, the digestion of sugars is delayed and the mixing into the blood slows down. With this effect, GLUCOBAY® reduces the increase in blood sugar after meals.
GLUCOBAY® is available in packages containing 30, 60 and 90 tablets. The tablets are round to white-yellow in color. Tablets 'G 50' printed on one side and the Bayer logo on the other side.
GLUCOBAY® is used in combination with diet to treat diabetes and in combination with diet and exercise to prevent the onset of diabetes in patients with hidden diabetes. It is defined as hidden sugar when the fasting blood sugar value is between 140-200 mg / dl and the fasting blood sugar value is between 100125 mg


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